Campaign Components: logo and event identity, book, brochure, print ads, environmental signs and posters, web banners

I worked on the AAN Fall Conference as sole designer. In the busy life of a practice, the neurologist needs a simple and quick solution to fulfill their CME credits and other related education for the year. This event fulfills that need. With the initial input from the client, our brainstorming produced a clear message of the convenience of a short weekend to accomplish all the education (CME) the neurologist needs.

The logo is to represent the three calendar days--simple and strong. As the event is reoccurring, the decision to create a consistent logo for use in the proceeding years, albeit the year and color pallet to change.

The location, Las Vegas, played a big part in the convenience of the event. The city is a central location of the 48 continental states and has cheap flights. This being a unique desire to go to Las Vegas, we decided to represent the city but avoid the typical 'sin city' symbolism.