Campaign Components: logo, campaign identity and guideline, marketing plan, pr outline, youtube intro, time-lapse videos, promotional video ("and artist's statement"), 52 portrait paintings on canvas

The 52 Inspired People Project was created initially as an art project. Using my design skill set, I established a campaign Identity and brand to convey the importance of the project. I like to show this as an example of diversity in projects and how all my knowledge base can achieve a project's demands.

Facing with the challenge of conveying why I'm making portraits, I relied heavily on a foundation of campaign mark and PR messaging. The artist statement was created and additional talking points and answers to questions were outlined for social marketing.

52 Inspired People Collection

52 Inspired People YouTube Playlist

"In painting 52 portraits of family and friends, coworkers and acquaintances, Doug’s project grew to become at times an uncomfortable exploration of what it means to be inspired by your subject as an artist. Created upon the solid base of human connection with color palettes attuned to emotion, the paintings are Doug’s stylized intuition of his subject. In choosing literal imagery to portray what it’s like to keep skeletons in the closet or have your heart ripped out, Doug perfectly employs oil to capture human intimacy. Stop by Showroom... to see paintings by Doug Forbes that will get at your soul."
—Allison Shilinski of l'étoile magazine